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The Role of Family Law.

The term family law has been used widely to refer to the section of the law that deals with family relation and also matters of the home specially among related individuals. This phrase family law has been used interchangeably with terms like matrimonial law or the law of domestic relation. The family law has been written mainly to guide judges when dealing with cases which revolve around the abuse of family relationship or when a problem arises as a result of disputes from family relationships. Apart from solving family disputes the family law has also been used to respond to how family members should relate with each other to avoid conflicts which arise from broken relations.There have been the establishment of law firm that provide guidance on what the family law require.

The family law has been to recorded to involve a number of issues related to the family practice and how the family occurs in general. The family law has mainly been involved and applied in issues which revolve around the family practice especially ensuring that there is social welfare among family members. The family law has been known to manly be involved in matters which mainly relate to marriage and family unions which are based on civil unions. In this context it has noted that the family law operates by recognition of entry into a domestic marriage. The other area which the family law operates in the area of adoption of new family members. The law outlines thee adoption procedure to adopt children and also adults. The family law is broad in such a way that it has the juvenile rule in it. The juvenile rule is applied whenever the judge is faced in a case where a minor has committed a crime which is punishable by law.This family law has been simplified by law firms which offer guidance to individuals facing family relation problems. The guidance that this particular law firm offers is in terms of elaborating the application of the family laws and also how one can defend him or herself if he is found guilty.

The family law also include guidance when it comes to surrogacy, child protective proceedings and paternity. Under surrogacy, the family law dictate that the law and process of giving birth as surrogate mother. The child protective proceedings comes in when a state intervenes in cases of child abuse and child neglect. The last area under the family law is paternity. The family law is very much involved on how the paternity test should be carried out whenever there is a paternity dispute among family members especially married couples. The family law has proved very useful when It comes to governing family relationships. The family law has so far played it role of preventing disputes and also solving conflicts.

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