Water Filtration System Options for Homeowners

Fresh, clean water is sometimes an afterthought for many who rely on public sources. However, concerns over contamination, fluoride levels, and mineral deposits can prompt some to use a home water filtration system. These systems can automatically filter the water through an entire home, including water used from faucets, by dishwashers, and shower heads. A few geographical areas are impacted by what is known as “hard water,” which can easily lead to the build up of rust, calcium or lime deposits in hot water heaters and on shower heads. Other areas are more susceptible to pesticides and high levels of chlorine that make it into the water supply.

What to Look For

When considering different filtration options, homeowners need to consider capacity, cost, what the system removes from the water, ease of installation, warranty, and impact on water flow. The capacity of filtration system is measured in gallons. The more people there are in a household, the more gallons of water the system will need to be capable of handling. Systems can range from the hundreds to the thousands of dollars, not including installation. Homeowners with plumbing knowledge and experience may want to install the system themselves, but most will need to rely on a professional plumber. Also, the system should come with a warranty and a money-back guarantee and not slow down the water flow too much.

Why Purchase

Public water supplies can contain chemicals, such as chlorine, that can end up having negative health impacts. Certain individuals may be more sensitive to high levels of chlorine used to kill bacteria and microorganisms. Others are wary of drinking tap water and end up buying bottled water instead. A whole house system can eliminate the need to avoid drinking and using tap water. Individuals can test their tap water at home to see what levels of chemicals and contaminants exist. Cloudy water, water with strange smells and tastes, and a high amount of chemicals and contaminants are reasons to install home filtration.

If whole home systems are too expensive, smaller filters can be isolated to a single sink or faucet. Refrigerators that come with water filters are another option. Using these systems can reduce sensitivities to drinking tap water, improve skin and hair health, and reduce one’s environmental waste.