World of Warcraft – How to Get the Kirin Tor Familiar Non-Combat Vanity Pet Companion

One day in Dalaran, I saw somebody with a rare and absolutely adorable companion pet that looks like an ice-blue, smaller version of the Voidwalker.

By putting my mouse over the vanity pet, I managed to read its name, so that I could learn more about it. It was called the Kirin Tor Familiar.

Get the Kirin Tor Familiar Pet for Free

All you have to do to acquire this special companion is to find and read eight books that spawn in Dalaran. That doesn’t sound so hard, does it?

Get Higher Learning Achievement

The eight books you have to find and read are all parts of the achievement called “Higher Learning”. Not only do you get the achievement but, as a reward, you’ll also receive a book. Then, by using this book, you can obtain the Kirin Tor Familiar.

A friend of mine showed me in game where the eight books would spawn and, each time I was in Dalaran, I made the trip around to check for these particular books.

The tricky thing about the books is that they only appear every 3-4 hours and, if somebody reads the book, it will only be visible for three minutes. If the book is not read, it will be visible for five minutes, and then disappear again.

Fake books will appear randomly in the same places, but they will not form part of the achievement.

The Route around Dalaran to Find the Eight Books

Since my main character is from the Alliance, I started my route with the first place I came to, after I turned right outside the inn.

You should enter the Dalaran Visitor Center and, immediately to the right beside a table, and in front of the right chair, a book can spawn on the floor. Read it if it’s called “The Schools of Arcane Magic – Abjuration”.

Then you go out again, continue left, cross the street and enter the Violet Hold. Turn left and, at the end, you’ll see some boxes. A book can spawn on the box in the corner. If the book’s name is “The Schools of Arcane Magic – Illusion”, you have the correct one.

Leave the Violet Hold, turn right, cross the street, and go inside the Violet Gate. Look to the right on the floor near a bookshelf and, if there’s a book called “The Schools of Arcane Magic – Introduction” there, then read it.

Next stop is the Legerdemain Lounge. Inside, and to the right of the bar, you will see some bookshelves. The right one is usually empty, except when this particular book is there – “The Schools of Arcane Magic – Transmutation”. Read it when you find it.

Go upstairs and, in the second room to the right, there’s a bookshelf beside two chests. This bookshelf will usually appear empty, unless a book has spawned. Hope that it’s “The Schools of Arcane Magic – Necromancy”.

Outside again, continue left, cross the street, and go upstairs to the Violet Citadel. On the first floor, you should check the bookshelves to the right. The book will spawn on the left of the two bookshelves at the bottom beside the other books. This particular book should be “The Schools of Arcane Magic – Conjuration”.

Climb further upstairs, and turn left. Look for “The Schools of Arcane Magic – Divination” on the floor between the two bookshelves.

Then go outside again, stop at the top of the stairs, and study the balcony of the house on the opposite site of the road. Put your mouse over the boxes on the left and, if you see the name “The Schools of Arcane Magic – Enchantment” appear, run over there to “The Threads of Fate”, climb up the stairs and go out onto the balcony, and then read the book.

The Final Steps to get the Kirin Tor Familiar

When you have found and read the eight books, you’ll receive a mail with a book called “The Schools of Arcane Magic – Mastery”. If you right click it, you’ll be transported to a library in one of the tallest spires of Dalaran. There’s a man in there and, if you talk to him, he’ll give you the pet.